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Myeloma Monitor

Recipient of the ImpactHeme Award

Myeloma Monitor is an application (app) designed specifically for multiple myeloma patients and their caregivers. Developed entirely by Myeloma Canada, the app allows you to organize and track your daily activities. The Myeloma Monitor is intended to help you better understand the changes that occur throughout your patient journey.

Log your blood test results and graph how they’ve changed over time. Do you have questions for your doctor or have an appointment today? Do you need to print a report for your next appointment? This companion app is specifically designed to support you through all of the important steps involved with managing your myeloma.

Download the application on your desktop, mobile or tablet using one of the following links:







On the home page dashboard, Myeloma Monitor summarizes your day and allows you to select and see a snapshot of your most important test results. The app also incorporates:

  • Daily evaluation of symptoms that can directly affect your quality of life such as pain, nausea, fatigue, appetite, feelings of depression and anxiety, etc. You can also assess your level of pain, indicate where it is felt, add notes and even take and post photos.
  • Useful reports that can be printed or downloaded for your files or for your healthcare team. Your health condition and lab results change over time and thanks to Myeloma Monitor’s graphing capabilities, you will be able to track and visualize those changes.
  • A list of prescribed drugs, including their names, method of administration, prescription date and number, prescribing doctor, as well as the name of your pharmacist and their contact information. Notes and photos can also be added for each prescription.
  • A calendar that allows you to plan your days by adding your personal and medical appointments, any tasks you need to complete and your daily activities.
  • A list of questions to ask your healthcare team that you can keep and refer back to in the future.
  • A list of important contacts such as the members of your healthcare team (treating physician, oncologist, pharmacist, etc.), close relatives, or any other person involved with your journey.

Myeloma Monitor can be used on a mobile device (cell phone or tablet). To download the computer version (PC or MAC), click here. Confidential and secure, this app is password protected and encrypted to protect your information. All of the data entered belongs to you. Under no circumstances will your information be shared with anyone. It remains confidential.