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This Myeloma Awareness Month you’ve been amazing in spreading the word and creating awareness for myeloma. Now’s the time to go one step further. Please give whatever you can to help improve the lives of all Canadians living with this complex cancer.

Every Canadian living with myeloma has the right to quality healthcare and services, regardless of who they are, where they live, if they’re newly diagnosed or experiencing a relapse. On behalf of the Canadian myeloma community, we’re asking for your generous support.

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You M4T T3R (MATTER). Your POSTAL CODE Shouldn’t.
Your gift enables us to address the disparities in care and advocate for positive change on national, provincial and local levels. Together, our advocacy successes are improving lives.

Meet Erin & Jean Guy who, because of where they live, encountered an endless barrage of obstacles in getting Jean Guy proper care, drugs and therapies:

“Living in a small community makes you feel isolated, as if you don’t have choices, a right to a second opinion or the best care possible. When my husband was diagnosed, one blunder after another nearly cost him his life. Difficulties with appointments for essential procedures and approvals for the drug we wanted led us to travel hundreds of kilometres and change treatment centres. The trips are difficult and expensive but what choice do we have?”   - Erin and Jean Guy (North Bay, Ontario)

Not receiving the best available treatment or care because of where you live is unacceptable. You and your journey matter. Your postal code shouldn’t.

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