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March is Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month. Spread the word.  

Did you know that every day, 10 people in Canada receive a myeloma diagnosis?

The good news: Thanks to exciting advancements in treatment innovation, people with myeloma are living longer and fuller lives.

The bad news: The number of Canadians living with this incurable cancer is rising and with it, the need for better access to treatment therapies and care. Huge inequities in accessing vital treatments and healthcare services are having a serious and direct impact on precious lives.

Myeloma doesn’t care who you are or where you live.

Let all Canadians know about this 2nd most common blood cancer and the staggering inequities Canadians face in accessing timely diagnoses, newer and better treatments, innovative clinical trials, and proper healthcare because of where they live.

What good are innovative treatments if those who need them can’t access them?

Did you know

  • Just because a drug is approved for use in Canada, doesn’t mean it’s publicly covered or available in all provinces and territories?
  • In some provinces, outdated formularies and red tape severely limit access to innovative clinical trials?
  • In some situations, if a hospital pharmacy doesn’t have budget for a publicly funded drug, it’s simply not prescribed?
  • For the 50% of Canadians with myeloma who live in a rural community[1], accessing myeloma specialists, standard diagnostic testing and clinical trials is a major challenge, and is often accompanied by an enormous financial and emotional burden of travelling to another centre for treatment?

Sadly, there’s more.

Help us spread the word.

1.Participate in our advocacy campaign.

  • Help raise awareness for myeloma and have March declared “Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month” in your province or territory.  Send an autogenerated letter  to the media and your health ministry representatives today.
  • Go even further. Share these advocacy posts and tweets on your platforms through our easy-to-use advocacy platform (link).

Contact Jessy Ranger, Myeloma Canada’s Director, Patient Programs, Health Policy & Advocacy at to learn more.

2. Share your story.

  • Contact us to share your story on Myeloma Canada’s social media and digital platforms
  • Use our original artwork to jazz up your posts, blogs and tweets (see visuals and specs available below)
  • Share. Like. Repost. Repeat. 

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Contact Marcie Baron, Myeloma Canada’s Director, Corporate Communications and Marketing at to learn more.

Together, let’s do all we can to shed light on myeloma for earlier diagnoses and better outcomes. Let’s get the conversation going about the disparities in myeloma care across the country, because all Canadians living with myeloma have the right to quality healthcare and services.

1 Multiple Myeloma Epidemiology and Patient Geographic Distribution in Canada: A Population Study, Tsang et al, 2019