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Myeloma Canada Research Network (MCRN)

Bringing More Clinical Trials, to More Patients, in More Centres Across Canada

In Canada, researchers figure prominently in the development of innovative and very promising clinical trials. The MRCN is the first and only national organization bringing together Canada’s leading cancer institutions and researchers to collaborate in advancing myeloma research. The MCRN platform facilitates advancement of research in myeloma by providing infrastructure and expertise in three core areas: 

  • Clinical trial development and management
  • Real-world evidence generation and research through the MCRN National Myeloma Database
  • Support of basic and translational research through its national Myeloma Bio Bank initiative 

MCRN also develops national treatment and consensus guidelines to improve patient care and outcomes.

Incorporating patient input in research design is a priority for MCRN and Myeloma Canada supports MCRN’s patient-centric approach to research.

This past year the MCRN conducted several clinical trials that benefited patients across the country.

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